Our History

It all started when our pastors, JB and Sharleen, missed a bus.  

Newly married and having just moved to Taiwan, JB and Sharleen were planning to visit a church in downtown Taipei, but got to the appropriate bus stop seconds too late.  So they ended up visiting another church instead, one that was closer to where they lived and that happened to be one of the most influential churches in Taiwan.

It was there that JB and Sharleen got connected to an amazing Christian community, and received practical training, support and encouragement from their pastors and leaders to pursue their dreams and talents to serve God.

In 2007, JB and Sharleen were commissioned by our parent church, Torch Covenant Church in Taipei, to return to Vancouver to plant Thrive Church.  

Once they returned to Vancouver, Thrive began as a small group of young adults and high schoolers in JB's parents' basement. This small group would steadily grow, meeting in various homes, including an apartment complex  where JB would preach in front of a billiard table and baptize new believers in the nearest hot tub or inflatable kiddie pool.

Since those humble beginnings, THRIVE has grown into a church for people of all ages and backgrounds, a community that's all about helping people across Greater Vancouver to worship Jesus, grow more like Him, serve Him with their talents, lead others to Him and love His church family.  

We currently meet in three newly renovated commercial warehouses called THRIVE Centre in the downtown Richmond area.  

Our Vision

At THRIVE Church we exist for 5 purposes, which we call “AEIOU”.

A stands for Alive, which means we're here to worship Jesus.

E stands for Expectant, which means we're here to grow into Christ-like disciples.

I stands for Involved, which means we're here to serve God with our talents.

O stands for Outloud, which means we're here to lead others to Jesus.

U stands for United, which means we're here to love our spiritual family.

Our dream is to build a church of 10,000 AEIOU leaders in the city of Vancouver.